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Establishment of the LUKAS Foundation

The LUKAS Foundation was founded in 2004 in Maulbronn by Dr. Elisabeth Krauß.

After 33 years of intensive practical experience, both in general medicine and as a family doctor, Dr. Krauß recognized the urgent need to further develop the application of anthroposophic medicine in a way appropriate to human beings.

The purpose of the LUKAS Foundation is therefore to promote research and development of medicine appropriate to the HUMAN, a modern approach based on the anthroposophy of Rudolf Steiner.

Original in German:

Wenn der Mensch, warm in Liebe,
sich der Welt als Seele gibt,
Wenn der Mensch, licht im Sinnen,
Von der Welt den Geist erwirbt,
Wird in Geist erhellter Seele,
Wird in Seele-getragenem Geist,
Der Geistesmensch im Leibesmenschen
Sich wahrhaft offenbaren.

Translated with

When man, warm in love,
gives himself to the world as a soul,
When man, light in his mind,
Acquires spirit from the world,
Becomes spirit-enlightened soul,
Becomes spirit-carried spirit,
The spirit man in the body man
To reveal oneself truly.

Proverbs, Rudolf Steiner

Image by Elisabeth Krauß, from the book “Licht ist”