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Lukas Foundation for human medicine

… who would not want that?

… who doesn’t need it, today and now?

The LUKAS Foundation for human-appropriate medicine was created in today’s need of humanity, which has set itself the goal of placing the focus on people as a unity of SPIRIT, SOUL and BODY.

  • What is beneficial for humans?
  • How can he stay healthy, get healthy and appear healthy?
  • What does he need in order to actively connect the cosmos and earth in such a way that healthy things can arise?

Each of us is addressed here.

The foundation wants to support initiatives that address such questions and seek answers.

Brief portrait of Dr. Wessel von Loe

Dr. Wessel von Loe

Dr. med. Wessel von Loe is an anthroposophical gynecologist and obstetrician. He is chairman of the board of the LUKAS foundation for human-appropriate medicine based in Maulbronn, whose foundation sponsors are mainly doctors. Together they have had the best experience in cancer therapy over many years with ISOREL®, which has proven itself for a long time and is a drug that is very well tolerated by patients. Unfortunately, the mistletoe preparation ISOREL® can no longer be produced in the previous way since 2012. This was the trigger to aim for the renewed production of ISOREL® under particularly suitable conditions.