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LUKAS healing facility

The LUKAS Foundation for Humane Medicine pursued the goal of restoring and making available the drug ISOREL®, which has long been tried and tested in cancer therapy and is very well tolerated by patients. For this purpose, the LUKAS Foundation built the healing facility in Thörl-Maglern, Carinthia/Austria.

View of the Dobratsch

Since the production of ISOREL®  has a variety of special requirements, great importance was attached to the selection of a suitable location. Particularly pure environmental conditions were found in Thörl-Maglern (Carinthia, Austria), which is located within the triangle of borders between Austria, Italy and Slovenia. A special requirement was that a complex pharmaceutical-aseptic clean room technology had to be integrated.

In May 2015 the foundation stone was laid for the LUKAS healing facility, built to restore production of the cancer drug ISOREL®. It was created using new artistic forms that support the manufacturing process.

The roof allows sunlight and the forces of the stars to flood in, the seven-star floor plan and the windows planned for the production room – in the seven colors of the main planets – will increase the effectiveness of the healing remedy, which was developed entirely from the forces of love.

The mistletoe demands modest, selfless commitment and a lot of stamina in the face of wide ranging resistance.

Anyone who wants, to help this future-oriented, medical building be completed as quickly as possible and to help make ISOREL® available again for cancer treatment, is cordially invited to offer any help.
Many supportiv hands are required!

Construction progress (September 2020)

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